Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's next?

Allloooo 'sisters'. Quite a few of you are starting to ask 'what's next?'

I have given it lots of thought and don't feel I can participate in another book right now.
I do so love my atcs, and am involved in so many projects and swaps within my group, that I just don't have enough hours in the day. Now, if only I were retired.................................

I would love it if one of you would carry on; start another book, even an 'artysoulsisters' #2, and even use the same blog if you want to.

I will keep a keen eye on you all to see what you decide and where you go from here.

Love ya all madly for joining me on this project and for all the awesome, personal art that you have created. There's a little memento winging its way to each of you to say thanks and keep as a reminder of our project.


  1. Soulbrush, thank you so much, I received my cards today. Thank you for hosting this traveling journal. It has been and still is for some such fun.

  2. My little card arrived yesterday and I thank you too for it. You are always so thoughtful and good to us.

    I would be willing to be in another sketchbook group, and would even do my best to organize it. I'd appreciate using ARTy Soulsisters blog too, Arty Soulsisters II.

    Please let me know if you want to join in the fun. I find doing the pages so much fun and seeing others art first hand so very inspiring. I love getting these book pages in the mail.
    If you want to email your interest in being part of a next book do so at:

  3. I'm not sure. The postage to the U.K. has been kind of steep with me out of work :(

    Has anyone done a page in my book yet by the way? I haven't seen it since it left here.
    I'm all mixed up though so don't mind me!

    I'm loving this project much fun doing pages for you ladies!
    I have a feeling the abc atc's will be enough for me while I put my job feelers out.

    You never know!

  4. Laurel, I have not yet seen your book. Raven awaits it here. Where is it indeed? I'm in two such groups and I get confused as to whose pages I have done or not done yet in which group and some of us are in both. I have to be very careful when sending mine on to make sure its from the right group! LOL
    If Joss is not going to be in the next group there won't be any postage to the UK. It will all be local. i don't think I spent more than $2 - $4 mailing there.

  5. I reckon Lolo's book is with Marianne. Joss your cards arrived yesterday - a lovely surprise and very thoughtful of you! It's been such a pleasure taking part in this project, getting to know all the other participants and see and admire the varied work produced. On the subject of continuing - Lynn, don't forget Netherlands and Malaysia are in the postal loop too!! However, I am probably going to take time out now and not join in for another round as I want to concentrate on some personal work for a while.

  6. I am so glad the little cards are getting to you all. I think I only have Marianne's book still to do, when it gets here. Of course i would love you to carry on Lynn with an artsoulsistersII. I didn't mention the postage but that was of course a factor for me too.Thanks again sisters, I am sure I will join in again another time.

  7. I will put a call out on my own blogs and see if I can drum up a group. And if each one who IS interested in doing another book will do the same we might get a book going. They are such rich treasures. I understand about the postage. Glad those of you who find it a hardship were willing to do it this time. Thank you, as your art warms my soul no end.

  8. Thanks Soul!
    For your card and organizing this!!!
    I have received Lolo's book (Soul added a marvelous page!!!!)the day before yesterday and have got 3 books in a row!
    Today I have started on Lynn's and hope to get time and inspiration for the other 2. I haven't been feeling very well but am recovering.
    About the next project, I am in doubt......
    If it is a little later this year ok but I need a little time out as well.
    The postage here in the Netherlands is outrageous too if I compare it to the States.
    But later this year I would love to join again as it has been fun!

  9. wait...I remeber now that SB did a beautiful Egypt page!!

    i'm not losing my mind afterall ;P